The Full Monty the Musical
Posted on 17 Aug 2018

The tale of The Full Monty is well known, so having the chance to see it performed as a musical at the Old Joint Stock Theatre was too good an opportunity to miss, as indeed thought many others. It was a full house and judging by the playful atmosphere, everyone of the audience had been taken in by the exceptional talent of the whole cast. It was a masterpiece of good quality musical theatre.  

This is a sassy, rip roaring laugh packed with more than the odd erm, lunchbox. Six guys, battling with the vagaries of depression, suicide and philosophical questions about masculinity following the loss of their employment at the local factory in Buffalo, are faced with a grim reality. They all need to get jobs, but none of them are willing to take the security job or work in packing and so, with the need to pay the bills and keep the repossession orders at bay, and despite their diverse yet nearly average physics, they turn to male stripping.

I love how this story unfolds. How the guys finally realise they have all the body hang ups that everyone else does; that men and women feel and worry about the same things; and that it takes confidence, courage and a good dose of sass to perform like they have to when it comes to taking the final plunge. The cast in this production are perfect, and the vocals are delivered with stunning accuracy and power. They work together in harmony, and not a single member of the cast gets left behind. They’re clearly a close team and their individual and collective performances excel. Together they tell the individual stories of the characters; of their marriage pressures and expectations, of divorce, love, respect, loss and belonging. At times it's a real heart warmer of a story.

The laughs and the applauses kept coming throughout the show, and guys, watch out for the odd moment when you may get roped in…even if only briefly. It certainly keeps you on your toes!

As ever, the theatre tucked away upstairs at the Old Joint Stock off Colmore Row is a little gem. Perfectly formed, with great and attentive staff that make everything run smoothly, with great friendly service. It keeps me coming back time and again, especially as they have a great programmes of theatre throughout the year.

So. The ultimate question. Do they go the Full Monty?…well you’ll just have to go an see it for yourselves!

5 stars

Tickets HERE

Reviewer: Stephen Spinks


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