Birmingham LGBT launches #PrickTestResult testing campaign

Birmingham LGBT launches #PrickTestResult testing campaign
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Posted on 3 Nov 2017

Birmingham LGBT sexual health services are running a HIV testing & awareness campaign that will incorporate National HIV Testing Week.

With large drops in rates of new HIV diagnoses reported over the past year, the team at Birmingham LGBT are on a mission to raise awareness about HIV testing and prevention. They will be out and about in city venues during the course of the month, offering ‘Free & FAST HIV Testing’ opportunities. These will be in addition to the usual seven-days-a-week ‘access to testing’ service that they provide at the Birmingham LGBT Centre.

Regular testing, knowing your HIV status and looking after your own health as well as the health of your sexual partners, plays a significant part in reducing HIV rates overall. Birmingham LGBT’s #PRICKTESTRESULT campaign will see the team offering accurate HIV tests, with results given in just 60 seconds.

The tests are also available at the Birmingham LGBT Centre seven days a week.

Commenting, Matt Lopez, Sexual Health Services Manager, said: “There’s still a lot of stigma around HIV, which can make people fearful of testing, but there’s a lot to be optimistic about. There are various prevention options available, such as condoms, PrEP and PEPSE (emergency HIV treatment). With such effective treatments for people diagnosed and living with HIV, this now means that they can enjoy a long and healthy life, and become virally undetectable - meaning that they can’t pass on HIV to their partners. So whichever way you look at it, getting tested and knowing your HIV status makes sense. It just takes a quick fingerprick test. Prick. Test. Result.”

To find out more about where you can get tested, go to Alternatively, phone Birmingham LGBT on 0121 643 0821 and ask to speak to a member of the sexual health team.


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