Heterosexual couple lose civil partnerships battle

Heterosexual couple lose civil partnerships battle
National News
Posted on 21 Feb 2017

A straight couple have lost a battle in the Court of Appeal for heterosexual civil partnerships.

Rebecca Steinfield and her partner, Chris Keidan, first applied for the civil partnership in 2014, but were turned down as they are currently only open to same-sex couples.

The Court of Appeal rejected their right to enter into a civil partnership on the grounds that they are only open to same-sex couples, a criteria this couple does not meet.

Despite being ruled against by all three judges, Lady Justice Arden, Lord Justice Briggs and Lord Justice Beatson, they argued the discrimination against heterosexual couples shouldn’t last indefinitely.

Over 72,000 people have signed a petition on Change.org calling on the government to open civil partnerships to all.


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