Marriage blessing set for Coventry Pride

Marriage blessing set for Coventry Pride
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Posted on 14 Feb 2017

Orgainsers of Coventry Pride have announced their excitement following the announcement that they will celebrate the life journey of Haley Bridge and Claire Haines as they receive a blessing on their marriage on the event's main stage later this year.

Coventry local ladies Haley and Claire are scheduled to be married during Coventry Pride 2017 and orgainsers are delighted to allow the LGBT+ community of Coventry to join in their happiness as they celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in their story together.

At 4pm on the Sunday 11 of June, Haley and Claire will be invited onto the main stage with Coventry Pride Trustees, located in University Square outside the iconic Coventry Cathedrals.

Pride organisers commented on the news: "Haley and Claire’s marriage is a beautiful result of the recently passed Marriage (Same Sex Couples) act.

Allowing people to marry the one you love is another step towards full, proper equality for the LGBT+ people. Despite there being a lot more work to do, we’re delighted to be able to share in a moment of joy while looking at what we’ve all achieved to get to where we are today."

 Coventry Pride takes place on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 June. Visit or follow @PrideCov on Twitter and Facebook for more information.



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