UK government to appoint national LGBT health advisor

UK government to appoint national LGBT health advisor
Posted on 3 Jul 2018

A government UK-wide survey which ran over a period of four month, from July to October, had over 108,000 respondents from the LGBT community and is being hailed as the largest analysis of its kind.


As a result, a national LGBT health advisor is to be appointed to deliver what Theresa May has called “real and lasting change”. The changes detailed in a 30-page plan include measures to end gay conversion therapy, which has been reported to have caused mental health issues for vulnerable people; improvement in response to LGBT hate crimes by the police along with bettering gender identity services for adults.


£4.5m funding has been announced to initiate the project.


The project has overall been welcomed by campaign groups including Stonewall who reported “We’re pleased the government has not only asked but listened.  

Having a central action plan to help tackle this widespread inequality is essential and it’s a welcome demonstration from government on how serious they are about changing the lives of LGBT people.

And this action plan is looking at all areas of society because discrimination has far-reaching consequences, sometimes life-threatening.”


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