UK’s ‘first’ gay Muslim wedding takes place in Walsall

UK’s ‘first’ gay Muslim wedding takes place in Walsall
Local News
Posted on 3 Aug 2017

Two men have become the ‘first’ in the UK to have a gay Muslim wedding, it’s been reported.

Jahed Choudhury, 24, and Sean Rogan, 19, got married at a Walsall registry office while wearing traditional Islamic dress.

The couple opted to dress in traditional clothing to show the world that you can be gay, Muslim and in love.
Jahed has had to endure considerable homophobia during the course of his life, having been bullied at school and rejected by his family. He was also banned from attending his local mosque, which told him that his homosexuality was ‘just a phase’.

He even tried a dangerous ‘gay cure’ therapy and went on religious pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

The couple met after Jahed had taken an overdose, and have been together ever since. Jahed’s family did not attend the wedding.


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